About Latin America Wanderer

Every journey begins with a dream.

But for many, it seems like an impossible one. For a variety of reasons, travel to near and further lands may be postponed – even for a lifetime.

Latin America Wanderer has a three-fold purpose:

• To help those who believe that economically it is impossible to travel. At Latin America Wanderer, you’ll be able to learn tricks to help you prepare to hit the open road, and once a-wandering, to travel on a budget.

• We shall also explore ways to make our journey to other cultures and other landscapes have a lesser impact. We come to see and experience new ways, new vistas – yet our presence and our expectations are affecting these. How can we learn from them, yet not destroy them?

• For those who cannot yet travel, this is a window through which they can depart on journeys the length and breadth of the Americas, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

Together we shall embark on journeys through Latin America, learning about its cultural, historical and natural riches, hearing the his/herstories of its pueblos, through articles, photography and poetry.


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