Literary Expressions / Expresiones Literarias

  • Following are a list of my publications, many available to read online.
  • Al seguir es una lista de mis publicaciones, muchas disponibles para leer gratuitamente en la red. Los con el símbolo ++ significa que son en español.


Literary sites / Sitios literarios

Poetry Zoo

Notes – poetry /Apuntes – poesía (facebook)


Organizations / Organizaciones

Poets & Writers
She Writes


Chapbooks and Poetry Pamphlets / Poemarios y libretos

Caribbean Nights (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2014)

– a pamphlet collection of 7 vignettes from Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

– un libreto de 7 poemas escritos en la costa caribeña de Colombia

Venezuela Vignettes (Red Ochre Lit, October 2011)

– a chapbook of 5 poems :

– un poemario de 5 poemas :

Morning Tapestry, Mango Sunset, Towards the Río Orinoco, Landscape Serenade, Tempest



“Spirit Bolom”

Animal Intelligence: First-person accounts of amazing animals and the people who love them, edited by Leslee Goodman (The Moon Magazine, 2014)



Poppy Road Review : Annual Edition 2013


“Fisherwomen of Tilapita”

Not Somewhere Else But Here: A Contemporary Anthology of Women and Place, edited by Erin Elizabeth Smith, T. A. Noonan, Rhonda Lott and Beth Couture (Knoxville, Tennessee: Sundress Publications, 2014)


“Running South” and “Holiday Travel”

Passages (Nottingham, UK: Dagda Publishing, 2014)


“Song to the Orinoco”

Ballads (Nottingham, UK: Dagda Publishing, 2014)


“Silent Courage: San Juan Cotzal”

In Protest: 150 Poems for Human Rights (London, UK: Human Rights Consortium of the School of Advanced Study, University of London, October 2013)


“On an Orchid Road”

The Blue Hour Anthology, Volume 2 (2013)


“New Year’s Triptych”

The Blue Hour Anthology, Volume 1 (2013)


Journals – Poetry / Revistas – Poesía

“Tell Me a Story”

Bloodstone Review (Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2015)


“Corundum Eve,” “Three O’Clock Rain” and “Quest”

River Poets Journal (National Poetry Month pocket poems, April 2015)


Three haiku: “Agéd Night,” “Patagonian Lake” and “Atacama”

the Aurorean (Fall /Winter 2014 – 2015)


“Mexican Murals: Mexico City”

you are here: A Journal of Creative Geography (September 2014)



The Mas Tequila Review (#9, August 2014)


“Carretera Austral”

Groundrush Literary Magazine (Nº 1, Summer 2014)



Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine (Issue 18, September 2014)



Blue Fifth Review – Poetry Special (September 2014, 14.18)


“A Thousand Miles”

The Missing Slate (Pakistan) (21 September 2014)



Bakwa (Cameroon) (Issue 06, June 2014)


“Spirits of the Dark,” “Academy Bay” and “Midnight Echoes”

the Aurorean (Spring / Summer 2014)


“From the Crossroads of the World”

Australian Latino Press (22 May 2014)


“Voices,” “Patagonian Wind,” “Cueva de las Manos,” “Trilogy” and “Caracol”

Munyori Literary Journal (Zimbabwe / US) (18 April 2014)



SOL: English Writing in Mexico (March 2014)



Red River Review (Nº 50, February 2014)


“Sinking into Silence”

Cordite Poetry Review (Australia) (Issue 45: Silence, February 2014)


“These Clouds,” “Glimpsing Your Lives” and “The Other Side”

DoveTales (2014)


“On the Bóvedas”

Electric Windmill (Issue No. 008, Winter 2013 – 2014)


“Sunday City Heartbeat”

StepAway Magazine (UK) (Issue 11, December 2013)


“Psalm to Puracé”

About Place Journal (Volume II, Issue III, November 2013)


“Into the Land of Fires”

Leaves of Ink (19 October 2013)


“New Born,” “Puerto Escondido” and “Desert Reigns”

The Merida Review (formerly In Other Words: Merida, September 2013)


“A Quiteño Day,” “Twilight Erupting” and “Prophecies”

The Pavilion (September 2013)


“A Little Night Music,” “San Jose Blues” and “The Common Guitar”

Nebo: A Literary Journal (Fall 2013)


“Wishing the Rains to Come,” with photography

Pilgrims (26 August 2013)


“Midnight Gambol”

Open Road Review (India) (issue 6, August 2013)


“These Patagonian Plains”

Agave Magazine (Summer / Fall 2013)


“To No One”

Übergang Magazine (Berlin, Germany) (Issue 01, July 2013)


“Presence” and “On an Orchid Road”

The Blue Hour (Father’s Day special – 16 June 2013)


“Above This Pinwheel Country,” with photography

Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine (Issue 14, June 2013)
“Spirit Bolom,” “Red Sky at Morning” and “Chi (Five Animals Frolics)”

The MOON Magazine (June 2013)


“A Storm that Never Rains,” “New-Born Waters” and “Panama Rising”

The River Muse (Edition 3, Issue 1, Summer 2013)


“Nevado de Toluca”

Blue Fifth Review – special Mountain issue (Spring Quarterly, May 2013 / 13.10)



Poppy Road Review (23 May 2013)


“Jaguar Dream,” “Slumber,” “Chimera” and “On These Equatorial Heights”

A New Ulster (Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK) (issue 8, May 2013)


“The Werdenist Exquisite Corpse, The Second: Beetle” (paragraph 13)

Sein und Werden (UK) (Spring 2013)



River Poets Journal (April 2013)


“Barrio Guanacaste, Matagalpa, Nicaragua”

EntreMares Magazine (número 3, Abril 2013)


“Just Another City”

San Pedro River Review (Spring 2013)


++ “Amor Latino,” “Latin Love” and “Why Do We Keep Moving”

The Blue Hour (14 February 2013)


Welcoming the New Year” and “New Year’s Triptych

The Blue Hour (1 January 2013)


“Fester,” “Plan Colombia” and “Archivo de la Memoria”

The Más Tequila Review (Winter 2013)


“What do …”

Haiku in solidarity with Poet Mohammad al-Ajami (December 2012; entry number 548)


“To 192 Nations,” “Dream Thieving” and “Speak”

Occupy Poetry



Blue Fifth Review (October 2012)


“Santa Fé (Bogotá Nightfall)”

EntreMares Magazine (número 1, Agosto 2012)


“Always the Wind,” “Within the Shadow,” “Somewhere in the Morning Mist” and “Grutas de Coconá”

The Merida Review (Mexico) (formerly In Other Words: Mérida, May 2012)


“Snow Dreams”

The [Canadian] Parliamentary Poet Laureate Poem of the Month (March 2011)

“Promises of Rain” (Spring 2011)

Seeding the Snow


“Leafstorm” (Fall 2010)

Seeding the Snow


++ “Deep in my Being” / “Se hunde en mi ser

The Esperanza Project (25 May 2010, 1 junio 2010)

“Kwansabas for Richard Wright” (3 poems)

Drumvoices Revue (No. 16—Kwansabas for Richard Wright, 2008)

“Kwansaba for Angelou” (2 poems)

Drumvoices Revue (No. 15—Kwansabas for Maya Angelou & Quincy Troupe, 2007)

“In Cleavedland,” “Revolutionary Weapon,” “The Miner,” “To Create”

Drumvoices Revue (No. 13—Kwansabas for Amiri Baraka, 2005)

“Eclipse,” “Nicaragua,” “Santiago Stickball”

Drumvoices Revue (No. 12—Kwansabas for Katherine Dunham, 2004)

      To order copies / para comprar copias

     To read content through your public library

     To read content directly / para leer el contenido directamente


“Far from Home”

Raving Dove (Fall / Winter 2006-2007)


Sea Stories (Autumnal 2006)


++ “La Poesía Andante”

ENcontrARTE (Venezuela) (Nº 17 / 15 de abril de 2005)


++ “Vigilando las Manos”

ENcontrARTE (Venezuela) (Nº 7 / 15 de noviembre de 2004)


“Watching the Hands”

FOR News (October 2004)


FOR News (September 2003)



FOR News (April 2002)
“Another Quiet Night” and “Esperanza”

RiverSedge (2002)

“Nunca Más” and “Perhaps…If We Listen”

Red River Review (August 2001)

“Along the Río Grande”

Canadian Dimension (January / February 2001)
“The River Route” and “Yes, We Have No (Ripe) Bananas”

Contemporary Verse 2 (Winter 2001 Volume 23 No. 3: eco-poetics)
“Along the Rio Grande”

Struggle (Winter 2000-01)


“(untitled) The moon / two days old …” and “MoonTear Dreams”

Dream International Quarterly (Nº 29, 2000)



Journals – Stories / Revistas – Relatos


Sugar Mule Literary Magazine, Family Secrets special issue (Nº 43, August 2013)



Magnolia : A Journal of Women’s Literature (volume 1, June 2011)


Projects and Installations / Proyectos e instalaciones

What Is Truth? / Qué es la Verdad?

– an installation Project by Hans Peter Wyss & André Hartmann (Aarau, Suiza)

– un proyecto de instalación de arte por Hans Peter Wyss & André Hartmann; Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas, Facultad de Arte y Diseño, Aarau, Suiza.


Poetry Readings / Lecturas Literarias

++ Espacio Simón L. Patiño (La Paz, Bolivia)

– grabación de lectura hecha 19 de noviembre de 2003; en español

++ Taller de Poesía Siembra: Banquete Cultural (Cartagena, Colombia)



++ “El Taquendama de los mochileros”

El Tiempo (Bogotá, Colombia)

(in English)—-the-tequendama-for-backpackers


Translations / Traducciones

“Los viejos” / “Old Folk,” “El lunes, nido de gato” / “Monday, Cat’s Lair,” “Noches polos” / “Nocturnal Poles”

Diana Vallejo


The Power of the Powerless – poetry and preface / poesía y prefacio

by Ana Bergagareche (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Open Sesame Books, 2014)


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